We help B2B Tech Firms get a better return from their marketing efforts.

About WestEast Marketing

We help B2B Tech Firms get a better return from their marketing efforts.

Whether that marketing is about finding new customers.

Improving profit from existing customers.

Or even attracting the right employees.

How Are We Different?

We are partners in a number of tech-related businesses. That gives us the opportunity to test new ideas out and give only proven strategies to clients.

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About the Compass

We work our magic through the implementation of a proprietary model we've built over nearly two decades.

We start with something very simple but often overlooked by the marketing department: how you create an exceptional experience for your customer. We call that DELIVER THE WOW.

If DELIVER THE WOW laid the foundation, TELL THE STORY is the framework. This element encompasses every message we want out there in the marketplace. 

You've got the WOW experience, and you've got some good stories to communicate that WOW experience. Now we need to get the message out. We need to GET THE WORD OUT.

If you find over time that you can DELIVER THE WOW, TELL THE STORY and GET THE WORD OUT in a powerful way, it's time to turn your attention to the last element of the Compass: the systems. That's where AUTOMATE comes in. 


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Get useful stuff from your friends at WestEast… 18 years of hard won experience served up on the finest digital silver.

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About the Founder

Brandon Roe is the founder of The WestEast Group, a firm that helps B2B Tech firms get a better return from their marketing efforts.


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Meet the Team

Brandon the Ringmaster Extraordinaire

AKA: Mr. Smartass. What he does: Stays out of the way of everyone else. Drum up business. Act like a CEO. Special Skills: Knows way too much about nerdy computer things. Good with the written word. Excellent with marketing strategy. Bad Habits: Waiting till the last minute to get his project done. Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in till 7:30am. Watching stupid comedies. (Hey, life’s serious enough.) What the Ringmaster likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love seeing how the team comes together to make a big project happen. Seeing how smoothly things get done is a real pleasure.


Andrea the Elegant Trapeze Artist

AKA: The Fashionista. What she does: Works with numbers. A master organizer of projects. Special Skills: An amazing capacity for mind-numbing detail work. Bad Habits: Paperwork piling up on her desk. Forgetting to eat lunch on time (or at all). Guilty Pleasure: Indulging in fresh juices and facials. What the Trapeze Artist likes about WestEast Marketing:

I like the people. Although we work hard, we also have a lot of fun and laugh a lot too. Everyone has those dull and difficult days where nothing seems to go right. Those are the days our "work family" shines in supporting each other.


Miha the Lovely Lioness

AKA: Mrs. Coffee. Gamer Girl. What she does: Design. Documents and HTML formatting. Video editing. Sending out newsletters. Managing social media. Research.  Special Skills: Always finalizing projects on time despite occasional tight deadlines. Enjoys staying organized. Very detail oriented. Bad Habits: Sleeping way too much or way too little. Playing RPG video games (still not sure if these are bad habits!). Guilty Pleasure: Sweets. And coffee. Lots of coffee. And better yet, cake with coffee.  What the Lioness likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love working with the people at WEM. We're a small but tight team. WestEast Marketing is a very dynamic company. The assigned work always takes into account our skills and strengths. Also, being able to work from home and at my own pace is a major plus for me.


Gabi the Mysterious Magician

AKA: Mr. Never Sleep. Mr. Caffeine.  What he does: Makes sure the IT infrastructure functions properly. Helps coworkers with technical issues. Web design. Programming. Figuring out how to fix or make projects work. Administrates various CRMs. Manages email encryption. Works with numbers and statistics. Occasional research.  Special Skills: Good memory. Recalls projects finalized years ago with accuracy. Collects data. Has a solid understanding of direct response marketing and how to integrate various tech systems to improve the bottom line. Detail oriented. Cool under pressure. Bad Habits: Can't say no to coffee. Or anything that contains caffeine. Is anyone still drinking water these days?  Guilty Pleasure: Good TV series. Video games. Constantly fights the Lioness about whose turn it is to use the PlayStation.  What the Magician likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love challenges and thrive under pressure. As WestEast Marketing is growing, new and exciting challenges befitting a Magician are always popping up on the horizon. My motto is "Work hard. Play harder." We certainly get both with WEM! We all work hard towards growing the business. But we never forget to have some fun in the process! And as long as we're hitting the deadlines, we can use the remaining time as we see fit. Oh, and did I forgot to mention working from home in PJs? A dream come true!


Hayley the Jazzy Juggler

AKA: Ms. Brit. What she does: Juggles projects and improves processes. Special Skills: Multi-tasking to the hilt whilst ALWAYS balancing endless cups of tea (She's British, it's in her blood). Bad Habits: Fiercely independent and won't ask for help even when super super busy. Guilty Pleasure: Motorbike Racing, watching not riding. NEVER try disturbing her when MotoGP is on. What the Juggler likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love how everyone is so supportive and friendly. I was welcomed to the family immediately and felt like I had been one of the team for years. Everyone is encouraged to have a voice and put forward their ideas.


Leah the Majestic Elephant

AKA: Miss Organized. What she does: Takes the bull by the horns as office manager. Ensures every client has the perfect experience. Resolves customer issues and problems by clarifying directions or product information. Special Skills: Fabulously organized. Always having a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. Bad Habits: Making coffee too strong. Binge watching movies and TV shows.  Guilty Pleasure: Spending too much time in the outdoors.  What the Elephant likes about WestEast Marketing:

We are free to be ourselves at WestEast. We work hard and get things done, but we have fun doing it. There's never a dull moment and there's always so much to learn. You feel appreciated for the work you do.

Get useful stuff from your friends at WestEast… 18 years of hard won experience served up on the finest digital silver.

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