We help Chief Revenue Officers of B2B SaaS firms successfully reduce churn.

About WestEast Marketing

As you know, high churn can really hurt – or destroy – a business.

With effective churn reduction systems in place, hitting revenue targets is easy. You’ll look like a genius. And your job will be more fun too.

How Are We Different from Other SaaS Churn Reduction Experts?

✔ Proven Programs

We are a partner in a number of subscription businesses. That gives us the opportunity to test new ideas out and give only proven SaaS churn reduction strategies to clients.

✔ Customized Solutions

There are a number of causes for churn, each of which has a specific solution. Our B2B SaaS churn reduction strategies focus on finding the cause and fixing it.

✔ Churn Reduction for B2B SaaS Firms is Our Specialty

We have helped clients in 43 industries in 8 countries and 3 languages over the years. After losing 50% of our subscription clients in a month from one campaign, we became obsessed with churn reduction. Now we help Chief Revenue Officers in B2B SaaS firms who want to reduce churn in their business.



✔ We turned a client's churn event into a new sales opportunity that has provided them with a revenue stream worth thousands of dollars a month.

✔ We helped restructure a client’s onboarding process to improve connections with new customers. This lead to an 11% churn reduction and revenue gains in the tens of thousands of dollars.

✔ We helped a client reposition his service to avoid an overpromising-underdelivering situation, which reduced churn by 20% and increased overall profitability.

If you are a Chief Revenue Officer looking for proven strategies to reduce churn in your B2B Software as a Service firm, please book here a complimentary 15-minute Churn Reduction Audit.

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About the Compass

We work our magic through the implementation of a proprietary model we've built over nearly two decades.

We start with something very simple but often overlooked by the marketing department: how you create an exceptional experience for your customer. We call that DELIVER THE WOW.

If DELIVER THE WOW laid the foundation, TELL THE STORY is the framework. This element encompasses every message we want out there in the marketplace. 

You've got the WOW experience, and you've got some good stories to communicate that WOW experience. Now we need to get the message out. We need to GET THE WORD OUT.

If you find over time that you can DELIVER THE WOW, TELL THE STORY and GET THE WORD OUT in a powerful way, it's time to turn your attention to the last element of the Compass: the systems. That's where AUTOMATE comes in. 


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Get useful stuff from your friends at WestEast… 18 years of hard won experience served up on the finest digital silver.

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About the Founder

Brandon Roe is a churn reduction expert and the founder of The WestEast Group, a firm that helps SaaS Chief Revenue Officers save clients by reducing churn. He is selectively available for a free 15-minute Churn Reduction Audit in which he will share one practical tip to help you reduce churn by as much as 11% in the next 30 days. Please book here.


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Meet the Team

Brandon the Ringmaster Extraordinaire

AKA: Mr. Never There. Mr. Smartass. What he does: Stay out of the way of everyone else. Drum up business. Act like a CEO. Special Skills: Knows way too much about nerdy computer things. Good with the written word. Excellent with marketing strategy. Bad Habits: Waiting till the last minute to get his project done. Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in till 7:30am. Watching stupid comedies. (Hey, life’s serious enough.) What the Ringmaster likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love seeing how the team comes together to make a big project happen. As the team continues to grow, we’re able to take on bigger and bigger projects. Seeing how smoothly things get done is a real pleasure to see. Oh, and we’ve got a great looking supply shelf too.


Andrea the Elegant Trapeze Artist

AKA: The Fashionista What she does: Lots of meetings. Working with numbers. A master organizer of projects. Special Skills: An amazing capacity for mind-numbing detail work. Bad Habits: Paperwork piling up on her desk. Forgetting to eat lunch on time (or at all). Guilty Pleasure: Indulging on fresh juices and facials. What the Trapeze Artist likes about WestEast Marketing:

I like the people. Although we work hard, we also have a lot of fun and laugh a lot too. Everyone has those dull and difficult days where nothing seems to go right. Those are the days our "work family" shines in supporting each other.

Shannon the Funny Monkey

AKA: Monkey, S What she does: Keep the clients happy, keep the ship upright and spend most of the day on the phone fielding questions. Making coffee, making people laugh, putting interesting questions on the white board. Special Skills: Cracking jokes during team meetings. Asking potential new hires strange questions in their interviews. Bad Habits: Helping Karen open wine that she brings to the office. Guilty Pleasure: COFFEE!!!!! Overusing hand sanitizer spray. What the Monkey likes about WestEast Marketing:

We are free to be ourselves at WestEast Marketing. Our opinions are valued and we are rewarded when we go above and beyond. There is never a day (or hour) without laughter.

Crissy the Tenacious Tigress

AKA: Handy-girl, Lady Tiger. What she does: The question is what doesn't she do! Special Skills: Taming lions, balancing crap tons of things at once and putting out fires. Bad Habits: Binge watching Netflix TV series at night and not getting enough sleep. Guilty Pleasure: Tequila Thursday! Or just Tequila in general. What the Tigress likes about WestEast Marketing:

From day 1 I felt like part of the team. It's not often you get to join a group of dynamic people and feel appreciated and inspired every day.

Linda the Dynamic Dolphin

AKA: LL COOL J What she does: Jumps through hoops. Gets stuff done. Turns ideas into actions. Special Skills: Extreme multitasking. Maintaining organization. Keeping it cool under pressure. Bad Habits: Always saying yes when offered coffee. Guilty Pleasure: Constantly eating or constantly thinking of eating. What the Dolphin likes about WestEast Marketing:

There really never is a dull moment here. There’s always so much to learn and many successes to celebrate. The team works extremely well together. I absolutely love how Brandrea [i.e. Brandon and Andrea] allows us to cultivate the skills that we have by tailoring our role to fit our skills and giving us room to be creative and uniquely ourselves.

Get useful stuff from your friends at WestEast… 18 years of hard won experience served up on the finest digital silver.

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