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Howdy! Over 20 years, we've helped clients in 43+ industries, 8 countries and 4 languages with their toughest online and offline graphic design and marketing challenges. On time and on budget.

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Extraordinary marketing and design services

What makes us special?

Well, there are about a million things! But here are the ones you probably care most about:

  • We work harder than most. We pride ourselves on delivering a flawless performance every time.
  • We work around tight deadlines – evenings and weekends if needed – to ensure you hit yours.
  • We deliver a complete solution – from direct mail to website development. Our graphic designers can work both online and in print. Our marketers keep on top of the latest trends in the industry, ready to make the appropriate recommendation.
  • We watch your back. We don't know what we don't know, right? Since we all spend a lot of time in our business, we can be blind to things that might affect us. If we see something in your blind spot, we'll let you know.
  • We tell you when something is unnecessary. Yes, we'll lose that specific work. But our goal is to help you succeed. If that means advising you to save your money, that's what we'll do.
  • We communicate. How things are progressing. What might derail the schedule. We'll even provide a subtle kick in the behind if someone on your team is not giving us what we need to deliver what you need.
  • We think long term. We're not looking for the one-off projects. We love to work with firms that want to grow their business – and want to use our expertise to do it. On the flip side, we're picky about who we work with too.
  • We've worked with clients in more than 43 industries, 8 countries and 4 languages over the last 20 years. That broad base of clientele has exposed us to a lot of proven ideas that, with a little creativity, can be made to work for your business too.
  • We're results oriented. Marketing and graphics are only useful if they can get some kind of result. Whether that's brand building, generating leads or making a sale. We've done all of it and will show you how to do it too.
  • We include the source files. There's nothing worse than getting a finished job and then not having the original documents so you can adjust or adapt them to your future needs. We give you everything.

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Our Services

Simple is good. So are our services…

Graphic Design

  • Logos and corporate branding
  • Print: Flyers, brochures, business cards, signage, etc.
  • Online: E-books, banners, ads, newsletters, etc.
  • Advertisements (direct-response and institutional branding)

Website Design and Maintenance

  • Website design and development
  • Content writing
  • Management and maintenance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Includes weekly, monthly or quarterly updates as requested
  • UX/UI Expert

Email and Content Marketing

  • Writing, editing and proofing
  • Email newsletter: Designing, coding, delivery, tracking the stats to let you know how it performed

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Meet the Team


Brandon the Ringmaster Extraordinaire

AKA: Mr. Dandy. What he does: Big picture strategies and planning. Special Skills: Knows way too much about nerdy computer things. Good with the written word. Excellent with marketing strategy. Bad Habits: Too much coffee. Guilty Pleasure: Catching up on the latest fashion news. Watching stupid comedies. (Hey, life’s serious enough.) What the Ringmaster likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love seeing how the team comes together to make a big project happen. Seeing how smoothly things get done is a real pleasure.


Andrea the Elegant Trapeze Artist

AKA: The Fashionista. What she does: A master organizer of projects. Client communications. Likes to make things look pretty (aka. Graphic Design work). Special Skills: An amazing capacity for mind-numbing detail work. Bad Habits: Paperwork piling up on her desk. Forgetting to eat lunch on time (or at all). Guilty Pleasure: Indulging in fresh juices and facials. What the Trapeze Artist likes about WestEast Marketing:

I like the people. Although we work hard, we also have a lot of fun and laugh a lot too. Everyone has those dull and difficult days where nothing seems to go right. Those are the days our "work family" shines in supporting each other.


Mika the Lovely Lioness

AKA: Mrs. Coffee. Gamer Girl. What she does: Online and offline graphic design. Video editing. Sending out newsletters. Managing social media. Research. Special Skills: Always finalizing projects on time despite occasional tight deadlines. Enjoys staying organized. Very detail oriented. Bad Habits: Sleeping way too much or way too little. Playing RPG video games (still not sure if these are bad habits!). Guilty Pleasure: Sweets. And coffee. Lots of coffee. And better yet, cake with coffee. What the Lioness likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love working with the people at WEM. We're a small but tight team. WestEast Marketing is a very dynamic company. The assigned work always takes into account our skills and strengths. Also, being able to work from home and at my own pace is a major plus for me.


Gabi the Mysterious Magician

AKA: Mr. Never Sleep. Mr. Caffeine. What he does: Makes sure the IT infrastructure functions properly. Helps coworkers and clients with technical issues. Figuring out how to fix or make projects work. Oversees various CRMs. Manages email encryption. Works with numbers and statistics. Special Skills: Good memory. Recalls projects finalized years ago with accuracy. Collects data. Has a solid understanding of direct response marketing and how to integrate various tech systems to improve the bottom line. Detail oriented. Cool under pressure. Bad Habits: Can't say no to coffee. Or anything that contains caffeine. Is anyone still drinking water these days? Guilty Pleasure: Good TV series. Video games. What the Magician likes about WestEast Marketing:

I love challenges and thrive under pressure. As WestEast Marketing is growing, new and exciting challenges befitting a Magician are always popping up on the horizon. My motto is "Work hard. Play harder." We certainly get both with WEM! We all work hard towards growing the business. But we never forget to have some fun in the process! And as long as we're hitting the deadlines, we can use the remaining time as we see fit. Oh, and did I forgot to mention working from home in PJs? A dream come true!


Melanie the Valiant Ventriloquist

AKA: Madame Fussypants. What she does: Copy editing and proofing: wrangling words to ensure they’re doing their best work. Special Skills: Teasing the best out of copy by finding the gems and making sure they get attention. Bad Habits: Taking on too much work and creating a monstrously long day for herself. Guilty Pleasures: A long run listening to an audiobook. A Mojito at the end of the workday. What the Ventriloquist likes about WestEast Marketing:

Every day is different. There is no getting bored when you work with this crew.

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